Plantillas Dekkit

Pattern/Template Making InstructionsWe recommend that you use a pattern making material which is durable, non stretch and is transparent enough for tracing and a marine grade high tack double sided tape.

Tip: If working outdoors it is best to choose a day that is not wet and windy. It can also be helpful to have something at hand to weigh the patterning material down.


Cut small pieces of double sided tape from roll and stick them down at about every 60cm or so around the edge of the area to be patterned, leave the backing paper on at this stage (fig.1).

 Plantillas Dekkit  Plantillas Dekkit
Fig.1 Double sided tape Fig.2 Direction of planks

Roughly measure and cut patterning material to be slightly oversized to the shape of the area to be patterned.

Lay patterning material in place loosely and weigh down if required.

Working around the area bit by bit fold back the patterning material and remove the backing paper from the double sided tape and lightly stick down the patterning material keeping it flat and taut without stretching. Trim away any excess patterning material.

When you have stuck down the patterning material on the whole area, check and if necessary go back and lift the patterning material from the tape in order to reposition until it is flat and smooth.

Using a thin permanent marker or ball point pen draw a clear outline of the shape required (fig.2). Draw and mark the outline of any fitting, hatches etc and note any dimensions that will help when the panels are made.

Tip: If an area is very large or is a difficult shape use several pieces of patterning material to make up the whole area allowing for approximately 10cm overlap between pieces in order to stick them together in position with two lines of double sided tape.

Mark the direction of planks (caulking lines) by drawing a straight line through the template with an arrow pointing to the stern of the boat (fig.3).

Plantillas Dekkit  Plantillas Dekkit
Fig.3 Stern Fig.4

Where several areas are required it is important to draw straight lines right through the patterning material to show their position in relation to one another in order to align planking. Label these lines A, B, C etc (fig.4).

Carefully remove the patterning material from tape then refit to check for accuracy and adjust as required. On long thin areas it is important to have at least one straight line drawn down the entire length of the patterning material, more if needed. This is so the patterning material can be re-aligned during manufacture of the panel.

Draw a simple layout sketch marking on position of centre and reference lines and If possible attach a photo of the deck area.

Write on each piece of patterning material the boat name, the position larboard or starboard and your name and telephone number. Remove the patterning material and roll up. Remove the double sided tape from the boat immediately as it will become more difficult to remove later.

Check list:

  • Have you checked your pattern for accuracy?
  • Have you written all of your details on each pattern?
  • Have you marked plank direction lines and stern on each pattern?
  • Have you marked reference lines between each pattern?
  • Have you drawn straight lines along length of long thin patterns?

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