Dekkit is an environmentally friendly composite decking system consisting off flexible PVC containing outdoor grade pigments and UV stabilizers that offers the qualities and good looks of Teak but without the hassle.


  • Thickness. 4.5 mm
  • Weight. 6 kilos per m2
  • Specific Gravity. 1.40
  • Shore A hardness. 83
  • Fire Resistance. Flash ignition temperature 330º C. Self ignition 400ºC.
  • Tolerance.Width +/- 2%

Adhesives especially formulated for the different surfaces and conditions of work. Adhesives with high strength, resistant to water, chemicals, alkaline and the marine environment.

  • Based on Silyl Modified Polymer (S.M.P.)
  • Bureau Veritas Certificate Nº 14325/AO EC
  • Permanently elastic within temperature range from -40º C to + 100ºC.

Dekkit is available in three colors: (click here to see)

  • Limoncillo (Brown with white caulking)
  • Claro (Natural/beige with black caulking)
  • Moreno (Brown with black caulking)
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