Dekkit paneles prefab

Dekkit Facíl-Synthetic Teak Decking System

The Dekkit Synthetic Teak Decking System is a system of non slip decking that is designed for owners who like to save money and work on their own boats. Dekkit Facíl are synthetic teak panels in all shapes that you want with a maximum of 2,5 meters on only one side (because of shipping posibilities) that you can glue on your deck yourself and is available with a quick step by step illustrated instruction.

Dekkit provides a highly attractive, tough decking surface which is comparable with other synthetic DIY decking systems available on the market. Designed for ease of assembly it is ideal for all types of boats and will enhance the look and value of the boat at a manageable cost.

Dekkit has all the qualities of TecaTek but can be made into panels without any need for specialist tools and professional hand finishing. Dekkit therefore is the perfect option for everyone from DIY to Chandlers and Carpenters.

Dekkit has a very convincing appearance, with a robust wood-like surface which stands up to all the knocks and scrapes which can be experienced onboard. It also provides outstanding non slip qualities, even when wet and is extremely stain and UV resistant, being easily cleaned with soap and water to retain its original good looks for many years. Easy to lay, the finished deck looks and feels like teak but with the minimum of maintenance being required.

Dekkit is a Permateek product.

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